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5 Important Items to Store in Your Car for Winter Safety

Just as important as stocking your home with important winter storm items, is stocking your car with specific safety items. You never know when you will find yourself on the road during a bad storm, therefore it’s best to always be ready for any eventuality.
Recently in Virginia, there was an incident where cars were stranded for hours in freezing temperatures. This is just a reminder that this can happen to any of us. Make sure you stock your car with safety items that will ensure you are prepared in case a winter storm catches you off guard.

We at Zealous Performance do not only perform auto mechanic duties, but we care about your safety too. Herewith a list of winter essentials that you should store in your car, compiled by the team at Zealous Performance.

  1. Good Quality Ice Scraper, Snow Brush, and Shovel
    To effectively deal with snow & ice around your car, you need these essential tools as part of your winter emergency kit. In the heart of winter, you simply cannot be without these tools. Depending on the space available in your car, you can also consider adding more practical items like a pocket knife, a chain or rope for towing purposes, jumper cables, and a portable battery jump starter.
  2. Non-Perishable Food & Water
    Perhaps it can seem a bit paranoid to store a gallon of water and food items in your car, but if you are stranded in an emergency, you will be happy you did. These items can make a huge difference. Imagine you are stranded in a vicious snowstorm and have no food and water. You would be tempted to leave the relative safety of your vehicle to search for these survival items. This can put your life at risk. Make sure to store water and food to be able to survive for several hours in your vehicle. Storing distilled water is the best option as this can double up as drinking water and car coolant. For non-perishable food items, choose high-caloric items such as cereals, nutrition bars, nuts, and trail mix.
  3. Winter Clothing Essentials
    Part of the survival readiness plan is to be able to keep warm. Make sure to pack a few items of your old winter clothing in a bag and store this in your car. These items can include socks, gloves, jackets, and sweaters. Other items that you could also include are scarves, hats, and ski masks for head protection. Space dependent of course, you could also include a sleeping bag and blanket. Another idea is to purchase a survival blanket that will keep you warm during extreme circumstances.
  4. Rock Salt, Sand and Kitty Litter
    Other essentials to pack in your car survival kit are items that can help free your vehicle. Rock salt will assist in melting part of the snow, where sand and kitty litter can help your wheels get traction to pull yourself out of a tricky situation. Auto repair can follow later, as long as
    you can get yourself free.
  5. First Aid Kit, Reflectors and Flares
    Make sure your emergency kit contains flares, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. When visibility is low, you can use these items to attract attention to yourself and make sure other motorists can see you. A flashlight is also particularly useful when you need to find survival items in the dark or to be able to assess your vehicle’s situation. A first aid kit during an emergency, like an accident, can make all the difference.

These vehicle winter survival essentials can come in very handy if you find yourself in an emergency during a winter storm. This can happen to any of us at any time, therefore, make sure you are ready. These items can be stowed away out of sight and give you peace of mind.

Contact Zealous Performance for more information on our car mechanic or car repair services. Keeping your car in top condition, by having a regular oil change done, will increase your safety on the road.

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